PlayMaker Football

PlayMaker Football 2.5

Creates football match plans for training and analysis
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The environment manages and analyzes projects for football matches. It has tools to plan games and instruct players. There is access to drawing tools, a digital playbook, a testing module, roster lists, etc. The suite also features a gaming mode with simulated players acting out a created scenario.

PlayMaker Football is a footbal software wich includes a collection of tools that lets you diagram and print your playbook, test your plays through simulation, and manage your roster and player abilities.
It offers entertaining: ncludes a game mode for you to match your team against the competition. It allows you to specify your coaching strategy and run a game automatically, or get involved calling the plays and controlling the ball.
It gives you a way to collaborate, share your ideas with others and engage in friendly competition.
Main features:
- Chalkboard Play Design
- Practice Field
- Build Custom Teams
- Print Plays and Roster
- User-Defineable Coaching Intelligence
- Game Statistic and Transcript

PlayMaker Football for Windows requires Windows XP or later.

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